Greetings from IPHA RAJASTHAN

Birth of the Association:

The first attempt was made in 1936 by the late Dr. R. B. Lal, the then Director of the All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta to organise a public health association on an all India Basis and started a society under the name. The Public Health Society of Calcutta, with the active collaboration of the Sister Institute at Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine. This society functioned for about 3 years and discontinued on the intervention of the World War II. It regularly held monthly meetings with a scientific forum for discussing papers on public health interest. These papers were regularly published in the Indian Medical Gazette and finally brought out as a volume of transaction at the end of the year. It may be mentioned here that at this time an association under the name Bengal Public Health Association was functioning under the chairmanship of Lt. Col. A. C. Chatterjee, the then Director of Public Health of the State of Bengal and had also a journal. This association also became defunct due to the World War II. Following the integration of Medical Care and public health under the directorate in the State, this Association was revived under the name “Association of the Staff of the West Bengal Services”. Similar services Association were, however, brought into being in other States also.

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